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Durga Janani ~ Tribute to Jamini Ray

Durga Janani ~ Tribute to Jamini Ray

Durga Janani ~ Tribute to Jamini Ray


Durga Puja: it is the time when Devi Shakti vanquished the buffalo demon Mahishasura and all his ever-changing forms as the Supreme Saviour Mahisasuramardini and eradicated all the evils. She is the Shakti. She is also worshipped as Chandika as she beheaded the giants Chanda and Munda. But stepping aside from all the spiritual significances, forgetting all kinds of weapons in her arms like mace, sword, disc, arrow and trident, I tried to portray her as a caring Mother; the epitome of creation, preservation and kindness. A distinguished figure yet not-so-powerful always (like our mothers); look, she couldn’t even control Kartik who went out to find a suitable lady to put an end to his bachelor status!

Details – Acrylic paint on canvas
Size 12″ x 16″
P.S– Frame not included
Contact for details.